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NeverBounce’s Sync product will cleanse your email data automatically on a daily basis to ensure accurate data all the time.

Simply choose the monthly plan, or take advantage of our 20% discount by opting into the yearly plan.

Should you exceed email verifications of your selected tier, we will send you an email confirming that your account has been upgraded from Tier (x) to Tier (y). To confirm this tier upgrade, no further action is required. You’ll receive an invoice reflecting this tier change in 24 hours. All tier changes are prorated.

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Pricing Tiers

Emails paid monthly paid annually
up to 1,000 $10.00 $96.00 ($8.00/mo)
up to 10,000 $49.00 $470.00 ($39.20/mo)
up to 50,000 $99.00 $950.00 ($79.20/mo)
up to 100,000 $159.00 $1,526.00 ($127.20/mo)
up to 250,000 $249.00 $2,390.00 ($199.20/mo)
up to 500,000 $499.00 $4,790.00 ($399.20/mo)
up to 1,000,000 $999.00 $9,590.00 ($799.20/mo)
over 1,000,000 contact us contact us


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Please note: Discounts codes can not be applied to Sync.

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