Opening a CSV in Excel

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Sometimes your excel settings may not properly render a CSV (this often happens if you have been dealing with other delimiters such as tabs or semi-colons). If you are experiencing issues opening any CSVs downloaded from NeverBounce, you can try these steps to open the file properly.

1. Select the column that is improperly formatted and then go to “Data” -> “Text To Columns”

csv faq

2. Go though all 3 Steps in the Convert Text To Columns Wizard

Step 1

Choose “delimited”

text to column wizard step 1

Step 2

Then “Comma”

text to column wizard step 2

Step 3

Click “Finish”

text to column wizard step 3

Hopefully that solves any issues regarding the separation of fields in Excel. If this does not please reach out and let us help.

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