Where can I find my API key?

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NeverBounce has a verification API that allows you to create custom integrations, adding email verification to your own software. This includes solutions for individual verification or cleaning lists with millions of emails.

Accounts can have multiple unique API keys, and they’re linked to custom integrations to allow advanced reporting and settings. From your account dashboard, click into the Apps menu and select the application type

This will take you to the created app overview page, where the API key is located. The API key is used to authenticate your requests to our API. 

It’s important to protect this key and keep it secure. The API key allows access to any uploaded data and as many verifications as your credit balance will allow.

Creating a Custom Integration requires an initial development, if you don't have access to a developer you can use the Javascript Widget. 

If you have questions or need further assistance on APIs please contact support@neverbounce.com.

Where can I find my Legacy API (V3) Credentials?

Your legacy API (V3) credentials can be found on the Apps landing page at the bottom of the page. Clicking the link will open a modal to show your credentials.

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