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  • Dashboard

    Verify one-off emails, save your verification history, and export results.

  • Custom API

    Connect our API to verify single emails at the point of entry. Track your progress with real-time stats.

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  • JavaScript Widget

    Drop in our JavaScript code snippet for a quick and robust integration. Monitor API usage, detailed submission stats, and more.

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  • Zapier

    Connect Zapier to quickly add email verification to thousands of third-party apps.

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Take full control of your integration or get a head start with one of our wrappers - cURL, NodeJS, PHP, Phython, Ruby, Go, Java and .NET.

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curl --request GET\
    --url '{api_key}&email={email}'

    // Set API key

    // Verify an email
    $response = \NeverBounce\Single::verify($email);

    // Check for valid email
    if($response->is('valid')) {
        // Do Stuff
const NeverBounce = require('neverbounce');

    // Initialize NeverBounce client
    const client = new NeverBounce({apiKey: myApiKey});

    /// Verify an email
        result => {
            if('valid')) {
                // Do Stuff
        err => // Handle errors
import neverbounce_sdk

    # Create sdk client
    client = neverbounce_sdk.client(api_key='api_key')

    # Verify email
    verification = client.single_verify(email='')
    if verification['result'] == 'valid':
        # Do stuff
require "neverbounce"

    # Instantiate client
    client = "api_key")

    # Verify email
    resp = client.single_check(email: "")
    if resp.result == 'valid'?
        # Do Stuff
// Instantiate wrapper
    client := neverbounce.New("api_key")

    // Verify an email
    singleResults, err := client.Single.Check(&nbModels.SingleCheckRequestModel{
        Email:       ""
    if err != nil {
        // Handle Error
    if singleResults.Result == 'valid' {
        // Do Stuff
// Instantiate client
    NeverbounceClient neverbounceClient = NeverbounceClientFactory.create("api_key");

    // Verify email
    SingleCheckResponse singleCheckResponse = neverbounceClient

    if(singleCheckResponse.getResult() == 'valid') {
        // Do Stuff
// Instantiate SDK
    var sdk = new NeverBounceSdk("api_key");

    // Create request model
    var model = new SingleRequestModel(); = "";

    // Verify email
    SingleResponseModel resp = sdk.Single.Check(model).Result;

    if("valid")) {
        // Do Stuff

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