Getting Started With Sync

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Add a List

After navigating to the Sync tab, click the “Add List” button to select a list for automated cleaning. Select your preferred integration from the list of Sync-capable integrations. If you already have an integration set up through Clean, you’ll find it listed at the top of the available integrations under the heading “Current.”

If you have not yet set up an integration, click on the provider of your choice below and connect your account using the appropriate credentials. You’ll then see a menu of your lists available within that platform. Select the lists you would like to set up for automated cleaning and click the “Import to Sync” button.

Select Your Plan

After your list has been imported, you’ll be asked to select either a monthly or yearly payment plan. Note: there is a 3-month commitment with the monthly payment plan.

Your total cost will be displayed on the right side of the screen, taking into account your total number of records. Your number of records will determine your pricing tier. Once you decide upon the monthly or yearly plan, click the “Select Credit Card” button. You’ll be given the option to either use a credit card you already have on file or add a new card. Once you determine your payment method, click the “Pay Now & Start Sync” to begin the daily automated cleaning process.

Navigating the Overview Page

From the overview page, users will be able to navigate through the lists they have set up for automated cleaning. Once a list is selected, the overview page will display the last time the list was synced and the amount of records that the list contains. Further, users can see a catalog of the individual emails that have been cleaned via Sync and their statuses. The status will either be displayed as “kept,” indicating a valid result, or “removed,” indicating an email that is unsafe for sending. With addresses designated as “removed,” users can hover over the result and see the date in which the address was removed.

In the right hand corner, users can find “List Settings.” From here, a user can pause or remove a list from Sync.

Pausing Lists

Pausing a list allows users to stop syncing until they are ready to resume. List history and results will still be available with paused lists. Pausing a list will not remove the emails from a user’s total count. Users can resume a paused list at anytime.

Removing Lists

Removing a list will remove the list from a user’s Sync dashboard, remove the emails from their total count and delete the Sync history.

Finally, from “Settings” users can update payment or cancel their Sync subscription.

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