Benefits of Verification

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Email verification ensures you are capturing and/or sending to email contacts that are valid and will not result in a bounce. There are many applications for email verification, ranging from verifying emails at the point of entry via API, to cleaning and maintaining database health over time. Some of the most common benefits of verification are as follows:

  • Increase inbox delivery and avoid spam boxes
  • Adhere to bounce rate policies set forth by all major Email Service Providers (keep from getting banned)
  • Maintain/achieve a higher sender reputation
  • Maintain IP address health for continued email campaign success
  • Regulatory cleaning of company data
  • Reach your customers

What does “verifying” an email address do?

Verifying an email address with NeverBounce will accurately determine whether or not an email account is active and receiving mail.

What does the verification process include?

Our proprietary 12 step verification process checks each email up to 75 times from different locations around the globe. We utilize, MX, DNS, SMTP, SOCIAL, and additional private technologies in determining validity of addresses. NeverBounce offers free de-duplication and bad syntax removal prior to providing a total cost for your job.

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