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You’ve asked, and we’ve listened: organizations using NeverBounce can now add members to their account using NeverBounce Team Accounts. Organizations will have the ability to share credits, access their team members’ stored lists, monitor account usage and data, and access account apps, depending on the permissions granted by account owners and admins.

Invite Team Members

To invite team members to join your NeverBounce account, login to the Dashboard and click on the “Account” tab. From there, click on “Settings” then “Team Settings.” This page will allow you to invite team members to your account and manage existing team members’ roles. To add a team member to your account, click “Send an Invite.” A popup will allow you to enter the email address of the team member or members that you would like to add to your account and a drop down menu will allow you to clarify their role on the account.

Team Member Roles

Dashboard Yes Yes Yes Yes
Usage Yes Yes No Yes
Payment History Yes Yes No No
Your Profile Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email Preferences Yes Yes Yes Yes
Security Settings Yes Yes Yes Yes
Change Password Yes Yes Yes Yes
Manage Team Yes Yes No No
Billing Settings Yes Yes No No
Invoice Settings Yes Yes No No
Enterprise Settings Yes Yes No No
Apps/API Yes Yes No Yes
Set Invoice Alerts Yes No No No
Set Low Balance Alerts Yes No No No
Job Completion Emails (All Jobs) Yes Yes No No
Job Completion Emails (Own Jobs) Yes Yes Yes Yes
New Team Member Alerts Yes No No No
Delete Account Yes No No No
Delete Users Yes Yes No No


Invitees will receive an invite email with instructions on how to create an account, then a confirmation email with next steps on how to get started with NeverBounce. The account owner will also receive an email indicating whenever a new team member has accepted their account invitation.

What if someone I invite already has a NeverBounce account?

If an invitee already has a NeverBounce account, they will be presented with two options:

  • Close their existing account. This will delete all of the user’s existing data. A link will then be presented to the invitee to join the new team account as a user.
  • Change the email address associated with their existing account. By choosing this option, users will still be able to access their data by logging in, and they will then be able to use the previous email address to join the new team account as a user.

How do I delete my team account?

Only an account owner or admin can delete team member accounts. Owners and admins can delete team accounts from the “Team Settings” page. Note: Admins cannot delete their own account. An admin account must be deleted by the owner or a fellow admin.

How do I purchase more credits as a user?

All team account users can purchase more credits if the account has a credit card on file. Only an account owner or admin can add a credit card to the account.

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