Why Videos Should Be the Star of Your Marketing Content

Why Videos Should Be the Star of Your Marketing Content

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Effective marketing involves leveraging the type of content the average person is most likely to respond to. That’s why brands need to emphasize video marketing. According to one report, video will account for 82% of all internet traffic by 2021. It’s important to start working on your video content marketing strategy sooner rather than later.

The following information will help you better understand why video content is key to your marketing success. Keep these points in mind when designing your next campaign, and you’ll see why your online video marketing strategy will play a crucial role in boosting your ROI.

Why a Video Content Marketing Strategy is Effective

Boost Audience Engagement

Statistics indicate that video is very effective at grabbing an internet user’s attention. Simply including the word in the subject line of an email has been shown to boost open rates. Additionally, 64% of people surveyed say they’re more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it. More than half of all internet users say they want marketers to offer more video content online.

Showcase Your Brand Better

Video content is also useful because it gives businesses a way to market their services or products dynamically. This is especially important if your service is naturally more conceptual or technical in nature. A video marketing strategy could be the answer to creating impactful content.

For instance, consider this marketing video from Canadian Tire. It depicts a young boy in a wheelchair who can’t play basketball with the neighborhood kids, until they design a game in which they’re all confined to similar makeshift wheelchairs. The emotional impact of the video, combined with the subtle branding, transforms a stereotypically “boring” product into something much more compelling and memorable.

Explain More in Less Time

Your online video marketing strategy also gives you the opportunity to share a lot of information in a short period of time. According to studies, most people do not read through an entire article or piece of content online; there are simply too many distractions for them to stay focused. This makes it difficult to communicate essential information about your business.

Through a video content marketing strategy, you can grab a person’s attention, keep them focused with dynamic imagery or amusing performances, and convey a large amount of essential information in a fairly compressed timeframe.

How to Implement Video Content into Your Email Marketing

It’s important to point out that the vast majority of email clients are now capable of playing embedded videos. One thing to keep in mind is you should always check embedded content before sending it to avoid sending broken emails. This integration feature indicates that the days of separating your video content marketing strategy and your email campaigns are over.

Of course, the specifics of a strong online video marketing strategy will vary from one business to another. For example, a colorful and friendly video featuring music and jokes may be appropriate for a company targeting millennials, but won’t be for a law firm.

Make sure all video content marketing strategies align with your organizational goals. Everything you produce and release should accurately represent your brand. Luckily, studies and surveys indicate that including this type of content will yield major rewards. Focus on building your online video marketing strategy today to reap the rewards.

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