Email Checklist: How to Avoid Sending a Broken Email

Email Checklist: How to Avoid Sending a Broken Email

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Email marketing is only effective if your messages arrive in a reader’s inbox exactly as you intended them to. Broken links, media that doesn’t display, and simple errors like typos can make an email essentially worthless as a marketing tool. It can also reflect poorly on your brand: You’ll come across as unprofessional if you consistently send out broken emails.

Luckily, there are steps you can take to prevent this, like using an email testing service. To save yourself the embarrassment of sending a broken email, keep the following points in mind.

Create a Checklist

In the past, emails were fairly simple: They usually just consisted of text. If you wanted to, you may have chosen to also include a few basic graphics.

Times have changed. Now that most email servers can support media like images, videos, and interactive features, marketers are relying on them. Statistics indicate that including these kinds of features can make your emails more appealing to recipients.

That means there are more elements you need to check before sending an email. It’s no longer enough to simply proofread all text; you also need to make sure all videos play, all images appear clearly, all links work, and all interactive features function as they were intended to. Creating a checklist you apply to each email before you send it makes this process much easier.

Make Sure Your Emails Get Delivered with A Free Email Tester

Did you know that if you send too many emails to invalid email addresses, you may get “blacklisted”? This could cause your emails to wind up in the spam folder instead of a reader’s main folder. You can be fairly certain that they won’t see it there.

That’s why it’s a good idea to use an email testing service. An email tester that scans your mailing list for invalid addresses will help you avoid a high bounce rate.

Optimize for Mobile

According to statistics, people have begun reading emails on mobile devices more often than on computers. This trend is likely to continue. Thus, it’s important to confirm any emails you send are formatted accordingly.

Before sending a marketing email, view it on both a computer and a mobile device. If it looks too cluttered on a phone, use headings to break the content up into sections, avoid large paragraphs, and make sure all visual elements are organized in a clear, clean layout.

Broken emails are bad for business. Luckily, they don’t need to hurt your company. By creating a checklist, using a free email tester, and making sure your messages appear clearly on all devices, you’ll avoid the consequences of sending them unfinished.

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