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QuickMail Email Verification Integration

If you or your team are looking to build a predictable sales pipeline, reaching out to cold prospects by email to generate new leads, you'll love QuickMail.

Whether you are in a meeting, on the phone, or even asleep, QuickMail will stay on top of your outreach, contacting the right number of prospects each day and following up with the ones who haven’t replied.

That way, you and your team can focus on more important things, like moving engaged prospects further down the customer journey.

With QuickMail, you get to send highly personalized emails straight from your inbox while enjoying the latest technology to maximize email deliverability.

And because deliverability is at the core of what QuickMail does, the service integrates natively with NeverBounce to make sure your sender reputation doesn't get damaged by bounces that could have been avoided.

Here is how to integrate NeverBounce with QuickMail.

You will need:

A private API key from your NeverBounce account.
A valid QuickMail account. See the QuickMail documentation if you’re having trouble setting up an account.

Step 1: Create an API Key in NeverBounce

Step 2: Copy the Private API Key, you'll need it in QuickMail

Step 3: Inside your QuickMail account, navigate to the Settings / Add-ons section, then click on Configure Email Verification.

Step 4: Select NeverBounce, then enter the private API Key you copied above and click Set.

Step 5: You should then see your key displayed in the settings, and you can choose NeverBounce as your default email verification tool.

You are done!

From there, you can either verify emails directly on the prospect list in QuickMail

Or you can create a bucket that verifies emails automatically when adding prospects to it:

Give your bucket a name and make sure you tick 'Verify Emails when added to this bucket'. You can select to not include Risky or Unknown emails in your list, or even keep invalid emails.

Now you can select this bucket when importing prospects to QuickMail (see How To Add Prospects for more information) and email verification will run automatically in the background for you, using NeverBounce.

Zapier integration is also possible (you will need to add each created prospects to a bucket that requires email verification). See your Zapier documentation for more details.

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