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Pipedrive Email Verification Integration

Verify the email addresses of Pipedrive people with NeverBounce

Know whether the email address associated with a person in your Pipedrive account is valid with NeverBounce. When a new person is created in your Pipedrive account, NeverBounce checks the validity of the email address associated with that person. Once a result code — valid, invalid, disposable, catch-all, unknown — is returned for the email address, the person’s information is updated with the result code added in a custom field.

Note: Before using this Zap, customer must create a custom field in their Pipedrive account. It is recommended that Pipedrive users create a field named "neverBounceValidationResult." In this case, validation results will be stored under "neverBounceValidationResult."

How this Pipedrive-NeverBounce integration works.

  1. Add a person to the Pipedrive account
  2. Zapier sends the email to be verified with NeverBounce
  3. Zapier puts the NeverBounce result into the custom made "neverBounceValidationResult" field

Apps involved

  • Pipedrive
  • NeverBounce
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