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Campaign Monitor Email Verification Integration

The Campaign Monitor integration allows you to easily import your Campaign Monitor lists into NeverBounce and send the validation results back to Campaign Monitor.

Getting Started

To get started with this integration, login to your NeverBounce dashboard and click “Add List” on the right of your dashboard. This will open a modal window displaying a list of integrations on the left.

If you have not used this integration before:

Under “Add Integration” you will see a list of possible integrations. Scroll or use the search bar at the bottom to find the integration you are looking for. Click on the Campaign Monitor integration to open a dialog window. This will have you sign in using your credentials to connect your Campaign Monitor account.

If you have already connected this integration:

Under “Current” you will see a list of the integrations you have connected. Click on the Campaign Monitor integration to see a list of your clients.

Importing A List

After logging in with your Campaign Monitor credentials, the window will close and NeverBounce will connect to your Campaign Monitor account. After a few seconds you should see your Campaign Monitor clients. Select one and click “Get Lists” to see your lists. Select a list and click “Import List” to begin importing your list. Once imported, the list can be analyzed and validated just like an uploaded list.

Sending the Results Back to Campaign Monitor

Once you’ve completed validation, sending the results back to Campaign Monitor is as easy as pressing “Export to Campaign Monitor.” Clicking on “Export to Campaign Monitor” will start the export process and the button will change to “Exported.” We’ll attempt to create a custom field named “NeverBounce Validation Result” to store the NeverBounce validation result (valid, invalid, disposable, catchall, and unknown).

Disconnecting Campaign Monitor

To disconnect Campaign Monitor once you have it connected, click “Add List” from your dashboard. On the left you should see “Campaign Monitor” listed under your current integrations. Hover over “Campaign Monitor” until you see a red broken link icon to the right. Click on that icon and you will see disconnection instructions on the right.

You can reconnect your Campaign Monitor account anytime by following the instructions above.


My import has been processing for a while, how long does it take?

Importing can take several minutes for a few thousand contacts and upwards of an hour for larger numbers of contacts.

I am unable to see updated results in my Campaign Monitor account. What should I do?

Once the export process is complete, it takes a while for results to update under your Campaign Monitor account. Unless you see an error message within your NeverBounce dashboard, we would recommend reaching out to the Campaign Monitor support team.

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