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Act-On Email Verification Integration

NeverBounce works seamlessly with your Act-On account to keep your stored email lists clean and optimized for conversions. Please contact your Act-On account manager or sales representative for more details on how to get started.


How do I import my list?

Select “Import List” at the top of your dashboard.  You can either directly upload a list or choose one of the lists currently in your Act-On account.  If you choose to upload a file, make sure your file is saved as a .csv with all email addresses in a single column. Select “Import List” at the top of your dashboard.

I have a child account and need list hygiene services for that account.  How do I get them their list?

If you are a parent account looking to validate and distribute a list for a child account, you will need to process the list with your parent account login.  You can import your list from Act-On if the list is in the parent account, but NeverBounce will not be able to pull a list from a child account. Once your list is processed, the NeverBounce Suppress list will be placed into the “NeverBounce Suppress” folder for the parent account, which will need to be downloaded, then uploaded into the child account’s hard bounce list.

However, as another method around this, if someone has a login directly to a child account (i.e. not to a parent account who then logs in to the child account), then that person can import/export a contact list directly to the account they have access to.

Why is my import or export from Act-On to NeverBounce taking so long?

Because of the secure connection between the two systems, there is maximum capacity on volume to ensure a clean transfer.  It is roughly 20,000 contacts per minute, but this can change depending on additional information.

After Your List Is Processed:
Your Act-On account will automatically create a new list under “Contacts - Marketing Contacts” in a folder called “NeverBounce Suppress.”  This list will be comprised of all Invalid, Disposable, and Unknown labeled emails. In your Act-On instance, you want to upload this list to your Hard Bounce list so Act-On will suppress those emails in the future.  Under “Contacts - Other Lists - Bounces & Opt-Outs,” hover over the Hard Bounces list and select “Upload/Merge.” When you Add to List Contents, select “Add the contents of an existing list or segment,” then import the desired list from “NeverBounce Suppress.”

What do the NeverBounce result codes mean?


What contacts get put into the NeverBounce Suppress list?

NeverBounce will place any Invalid, Unknown, and Disposable contacts into the NeverBounce Suppress list, as they are hazardous to send to.

What does Act-On recommend doing with Catch-All (accept all / unverifiable) results?

Catch-All emails can still result in a hard bounce.  However, due to security settings set by the recipient domain, NeverBounce is unable to determine whether individual emails to the domain in question are valid or not.  

Recognizing that there will still be some hard bounces in the Catch-All list, it is generally the case that the ratio of valid to invalid addresses is similar to that of the rest of your cleansed list. 

If you have a very large number of invalid addresses in your cleansed list, it makes sense to split up your sends over multiple days so you aren’t risking increased hard bounced messages in a single day.

What happens if I run out of credits or don’t have enough credits for the list I’m attempting to run?

If your account is out of credits or your list requires more credits than you currently have, your list cleaning will require authorization to continue.  Contact your Act-On account representative if you need to purchase more NeverBounce credits. Act-On will generally not authorize and ask you to resubmit your list.

I’ve purchased credits, but I’m not seeing them available.

The person authorized to use Act-On and NeverBounce will the be person who gets the list validation credits (and only that person will be able to use the credits).  Confirm who received the provisioned NeverBounce credits.

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