What is the Best Time of Day to Send an Email?

What is the Best Time of Day to Send an Email?

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Email marketing is a very effective way to reach potential customers and grow a loyal following. Of course, not all email marketing campaigns are created equal. Many different factors impact how successful a given campaign may be. The time of day you send your emails is one of the most important factors.

Your subscribers likely receive many emails over the course of a day. If you send yours at the wrong time, they may never get read. That’s why it’s important to determine the best time to send email when designing a campaign.

Wondering how to find out when is the best time to send an email? There are several different ways you can figure this out. Apply the following methods when planning your next email campaign to maximize your odds of success.

Study the Stats to Find the Best Time to Send Marketing Emails

When determining when is the best time to send an email, you can start by reviewing general statistics backed by marketing studies. What you learn might surprise you. For example, a marketer might assume the best time to send emails is on the weekends, when followers are less likely to be distracted by work emails.

However, studies indicate the best day to send an email is actually Tuesday, followed by Thursday and Wednesday. Within these days, the best time to send marketing emails is either around 6:00 AM, 10:00 AM, or 8:00 PM.

This makes sense when you consider what times most people check their email. People tend to check their inboxes upon waking, close to their lunch breaks, and just before bed.

Additionally, sending emails on the weekend might not work because your followers may be taking a break from their inboxes after the work week. It’s better to reach them during the period of the week when they are likely to check their email regularly for other practical reasons.

That said, it’s important to remember these are general statistics. When determining when is the best time to send an email, you also need to understand that your subscribers may not always conform to average customer behavior. Don’t rely solely on this information to guide your campaign. It’s also essential to study patterns from your past campaigns in order to optimize your future ones.

The Importance of Checking Marketing Email Send Time Trends

Monitoring your campaigns is essential as a marketer. You can’t merely assume your strategy will work once it’s implemented. You need to frequently and regularly check data from key metrics to determine how you can improve your efforts in finding the best time to send marketing emails.

This approach can definitely help you determine when to send emails. Review stats from your past campaigns to see if the emails that performed best were sent around particular times of day or on particular days of the week.

Several other factors – like your subject lines and list segmentation – will certainly also contribute to your email campaign performance. However, focusing on the relationship between email performance and send time when reviewing past campaigns will help you strengthen them for the future.

Sending emails at the ideal time can boost open rates and conversion rates substantially. That’s a goal of any email marketer. Thus, it’s important to study the best times to send email before launching your next campaign. When you know the right time and day to send an email, you’ll maximize your return-on-investment.

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