What is Drip Marketing?

What is Drip Marketing?

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You can’t expect leads to become customers upon their first interaction with your brand. It’s far more likely they’ll need multiple exposures before they become loyal followers.

That’s why you need to understand the value of drip email marketing. The following points will help you better appreciate what it is, and how you can leverage this method in your favor.

What is Drip Email Marketing?

It’s worth noting that you don’t need to implement a drip campaign via email. Drip marketing software can also work on other channels, such as social media.

That said, email is often an ideal channel for a campaign. That isn’t merely because it remains effective with virtually all audiences. Email is a particularly good choice for drip marketing because it lets marketers stay in consistent contact with a set of followers.

That’s key to effective drip email marketing. This method essentially involves achieving a long term goal (such as making a sale, boosting conversions, doubling revenue, etc.) by guiding a customer down a journey with a series of repeated brand exposures.

Example: Drift’s Drip Email Automation Campaign

For example, consider Drift’s series of welcome emails. This marketing brand immediately provides new subscribers with value by sending a welcome email featuring links to past blog entries they may have missed. This helps Drift retain new followers. By providing value from the start, Drift’s marketing team lets subscribers know why staying on this email list is a good idea. 

The main point to understand is that the campaign works because it doesn’t involve trying to make a sale (or achieve a similar goal) from the start. Instead, the focus is solely on providing value for readers. This helps to demonstrate authority and cultivate trust in the brand. Over the next few emails, Drift’s marketing team slowly introduces followers to the company’s products/services. The goodwill the initial emails generated gives new subscribers more reason to consider making a purchase.

That’s just one example. Drip email automation campaigns can also be used to promote temporary sales, introduce new products, promote loyalty programs, offer sales demos, and much more. The trait they have in common is simply an emphasis on slowly convincing a lead to take action.

Use Drip Marketing Software for Efficiency

A drip email campaign naturally consists of multiple emails. Thus, in order to implement one as efficiently as possible, it’s often a good idea to use drip marketing software that allows you to automate emails. By doing so, you can set up campaigns ahead of time, implementing them when you’re ready. Your emails will be sent automatically according to a pre-planned schedule. The hands-off nature of automation gives you more time to monitor your campaigns’ performance.

By experimenting with drip email marketing campaigns while remembering the basics, you’ll successfully turn new leads into loyal customers.

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