Best Retail Email Strategies for Whole Customer Life Cycle

Best Retail Email Strategies for Whole Customer Life Cycle

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Email marketing is a very effective tool for retailers. It allows brands to alert their followers to new items, share promotions, and find new customers.

That said, strong email marketing for retailers involves developing the right strategy before launching a campaign. Odds are that a lead who signs up for your email list isn’t immediately ready to make a purchase or become a loyal customer who consistently supports your brand. You need to guide them through the customer life cycle process first.

The following tips on the best retail marketing strategies will help. Keep them in mind when planning your next campaign to maximize your return on investment.

The Best Ways to Launch a Retail Email Strategy

The first place to start with email marketing for retailers is to build a subscriber list. The most common way to add followers to your email list is simply to give people who visit your website the option to sign up for it. You might also promote your email list via your social media accounts. You could even instruct cashiers at your brick-and-mortar locations to ask shoppers if they want to sign up. Through a cross-platform retail marketing strategy, you can capture as many subscribers as possible for your emails.

Depending on what specific items you sell, it may be smart to include questions in the signup process so you can filter customers into different segments. Segmentation is one of the best retail email marketing strategies because it allows you to tailor your message to recipients and is an effective way to boost email open rates.

For example, if you sell sporting goods, you might ask customers signing up for your email list which sports interest them and which do not. This makes it easier to ensure you’re only sending your followers content they find relevant.

Promote Value Through Your Retailer Marketing Strategy

The early stages of the retail life cycle involve letting your followers know why your products or services may be valuable to them.

After sending an initial welcome email to new followers, start sending them messages that cover the problems your brand solves. Then explain exactly how you can solve these problems.

This is a good time to include evidence for your claims. Explain in detail what makes your products or services unique compared to others in your industry, and include testimonials from former customers to lend validity to your claims. According to surveys, 85% of people consider online reviews from past shoppers to be as trustworthy as recommendations from their own friends and family.

Build a Relationship With Retail Email Marketing

The goal of a retail marketing strategy shouldn’t be just to make a few more sales. The best retail email is useful because it allows you to cultivate relationships with shoppers and turn casual followers into loyal customers.

That doesn’t mean you should keep sending the same promotional emails about new items to followers who have already made a purchase. While this can be part of your retail marketing strategy, it shouldn’t be the only component.

Once a follower has turned into a customer, reward them with loyalty programs. These programs are effective at maintaining a customer’s interest in your brand. Additionally, you could reward them not only for making purchases, but for sharing your content on social media. This helps you attract even more followers in the long run.

Personalize Your Emails for the Entire Retail Life Cycle

Customers expect personalized service these days. That’s why the best retail marketing strategies involve making a personal connection throughout the entire retail life cycle.

You can leverage your retail email marketing campaign to meet this expectation. For instance, you may reward loyal customers who fill out surveys, using the data they provide to better understand how you can tailor your marketing content to their interests.

The best retail email campaigns are designed to guide the customer through a journey. That journey doesn’t end when they buy something from you. Keep these tips in mind and your email marketing can carry you through the entire retail life cycle as loyal followers continue to give you their business for years to come.

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