The 8 Worst Mistakes You Can Make With Your Email Newsletter

The 8 Worst Mistakes You Can Make With Your Email Newsletter

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An email newsletter can be a very effective tool for cultivating lasting relationships with customers. Surveys indicate email marketing (the bulk of which is in the form of a newsletter) remains effective with internet users across all age groups.

That doesn’t mean every newsletter format yields ideal results. To maximize your return-on-investment, avoid making the following email marketing mistakes when it comes to your newsletter design and content. Your campaigns will improve when you know to steer clear of common mishaps.

Sending Everyone the Same Email Newsletter Content

Your followers want to receive messages that are relevant to their tastes and needs. They may unsubscribe if your emails don’t offer them consistent value.

That’s why segmentation is important. Breaking up your email list into smaller groups has been shown to boost open rates.

It also helps you make a better impression on followers. For instance, let’s say you’re promoting a branded event in a series of email newsletters. If you’re targeting followers who don’t live anywhere near the venue, this effort will only result in cluttering up their inboxes. You’ll avoid this email marketing mistake by segmenting your list so only followers who live nearby receive those newsletters.

Not Checking Email Newsletter Design on Mobile

Did you know most people check email via mobile devices now? Make sure your email newsletter design accounts for this shift.

Large blocks of text and excess visual content in your newsletter format will look unappealing on a small mobile device screen. Before sending emails, always check them on smartphones, and adjust the newsletter format accordingly if need be.

Failing to Use an Email Address Tester

There’s a good chance several of the email addresses on your list have “gone bad.” An example would involve a follower who signed up with their work email address. That address may no longer be valid if they left the company.

One of the biggest email marketing mistakes is sending emails to invalid addresses. Failing to check an email address raises your bounce rate, which can result in being labeled a spammer or risk your sender reputation in other ways.

Use an email address tester before sending any newsletters. This tool will check an email address to determine if it’s valid or not. If it isn’t, you can easily remove it from your list, keeping your bounce rate low.

Trying Only One Newsletter Idea or Strategy

Relying on a single approach to developing content when sending email newsletters could limit your potential. You’re better off testing multiple newsletter ideas and comparing their performance with the right email metrics accordingly. This helps you develop even stronger content in the future.

You can start getting additional email newsletter design ideas by studying effective campaigns from major brands. They’ll help you think of new ways to offer your followers valuable, dynamic content.

Expecting A Single Newsletter to Convert Email Subscribers

An email newsletter helps you maintain customer engagement with your brand. The right newsletter format and design can also help increase sales, boost event attendance, and more. That’s why it’s important to include a call-to-action (CTA) at the end of every message.

A common email marketing mistake is to expect followers to take action right away after they receive the first newsletter. Typically, email campaigns consist of several messages designed to guide followers along a customer journey. Instead of having a new goal for each of your email newsletter ideas, consider how multiple newsletters can offer your followers a valuable, tiered experience.

Not Offering Value

Too many marketers assume consistency is the key to success when it comes to email newsletters. They believe as long as they are sending emails on a regular schedule, their followers will continue engaging with their brands.

That’s rarely the case. People subscribe to email newsletters because they believe doing so will be valuable to them in some capacity. Deliver on this expectation by always asking how the content of each message is valuable to a potential reader. Your newsletter ideas will translate into effective campaigns if you approach them with this concept in mind.

Being Too Promotional Within Your Newsletter Format

You need to strike a delicate balance as an email marketer. Yes, you want your followers to take some form of action when they engage with your content, but you could sabotage your own efforts by adopting an excessively “salesy” tone in your newsletter.

Use CTAs within your email newsletter design, but sparingly. Offer a product or service, but make sure the newsletter’s primary function is to offer valuable content. Designing a campaign to ensure it’s about the customer and not about you is crucial; it’s a surefire way to avoid this email marketing mistake.

Not Rewarding Email Newsletter Followers

Loyalty programs are among the email list features customers appreciate most. By taking the step to follow your brand regularly, they’ve indicated a certain degree of loyalty already. Offering them the same exact deals as non-followers shows you don’t value that step and is a major email marketing mistake. Make the right impression by offering exclusive promotions and rewards via your email newsletters.

Remember these points as you develop newsletter ideas and improve on your campaigns. After all, your followers receive plenty of emails every single day. Make sure you’re doing everything you can to help your email newsletter stand out.

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