Prepare for the Holidays With These Email List Ideas

Prepare for the Holidays With These Email List Ideas

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The holiday season is a crucial time of year for an email marketer. On the one hand, your customers are much more likely to make purchases during this season. On the other, plenty of other brands will be trying to get their attention.

That’s why you need to make sure you’re doing everything you can to optimize the return on investment for your holiday email campaigns. That involves understanding how to leverage your email list to its full potential. These tips will help.

Boost Holiday Open Rates with Email Segmentation

Your holiday email campaigns won’t help your brand all that much if your followers don’t open your messages. You can boost open rates by breaking up your list into different segments.

Email segmentation ensures that your followers receive relevant content. For instance, maybe you’re marketing an apparel brand. Customers who live in colder regions or that have a history of purchasing outdoor gear this time of year may be interested in your new line of skiwear during the holiday season. Customers who live in warm areas or that don’t share this seasonal purchasing behavior probably won’t be.

You can focus email segmentation by location, customer history (if you’ve collected that data), and numerous other factors. You might even consider surveying your followers to learn more about what type of holiday email content they want to receive.

Focus on Email Lead Generation

Make sure anyone who visits your site is prompted to sign up for your email list. This is a basic best practice of email marketing. However, you can improve your lead generation tactics for holiday email campaigns by including a brief survey in the sign-up process. This helps you collect information about new leads. You can then use that information to optimize your email segmentation.

It’s also important to nurture leads who may not have made purchases. Monitor your list to find subscribers who have stopped engaging with your content. You might even want to divide them into separate lists, such as one for subscribers who no longer open your emails regularly, one for followers who no longer respond to your calls-to-action, etc.

Nurture these lists by reaching out to each one with an email lead generation campaign designed to re-engage them. Ask users why they disengaged in the first place to learn how you can prevent this in the future.

Emphasize Email List Verification

Not all emails on your list will correspond to valid addresses. There are plenty of reasons this happens. For instance, maybe someone on your list signed up with their work email. After they left the company, that address became invalid.

It’s important to check if an email is valid before sending content. That’s because a high bounce rate can lead to major consequences, like getting tagged as a spammer.

Avoid this by using a bulk email checker for list clean up before sending content. Using a tool like this to check if an email is valid and remove bounce emails from your list is key to making sure your messages get delivered. Additionally, you don’t have to go through email list verification on a per-address basis because a bulk email checker lets you conduct list clean up for multiple addresses at once.

Remember to apply these tips as you market your brand this season. The competition is tough during the holidays. You need to do everything you can to make your holiday email campaign stand out. Be smart about your strategy, gather new leads, and clean up your list to enjoy your best results yet.

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