Get to Know NeverBounce’s UX & Machine Learning Innovations

Get to Know NeverBounce’s UX & Machine Learning Innovations

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Over the last year, the team responsible for making NeverBounce the most accurate email verification and cleaning platform has been hard at work on design and functionality innovations that promise to keep pushing the product and the entire field forward.

Here we want to celebrate the improvements we’ve rolled out for NeverBounce customers throughout 2023 — and set the stage for a game-changing 2024.

Experience Improved Usability Thanks to a UX Overhaul

With so many options on the market, we’re always thinking about how to make sure NeverBounce remains on the cutting edge of amazing user experience (UX).

To do so, we’ve overhauled the functionality, ease of use, and speed throughout the NeverBounce platform through the past year to create a tool that easily fits into any workflow.

Our most impressive design and usability updates took place across several core features and areas:

Verify is NeverBounce's platform for effortlessly validating individual email addresses.

This is an ingenious tool for quickly checking those handfuls of email addresses you always seem to pick up at networking events before adding them to your sales or marketing to-do list.

But Verify isn’t just for manual, one-off email checks. You can actually incorporate this feature right into your own website pages or forms using one of NeverBounce’s API, JavaScript, or Zapier integrations. This ensures that email addresses are accurate right at the point where you collect them, eliminating the need for subsequent verification checks.

Verify can check a few email addresses or integrate at your website's lead-collection pointsAdditionally, Clean is NeverBounce's tool for efficiently validating bulk email lists.

Clean is a two-part system. First, you can upload your list to NeverBounce for a swift assessment that will immediately let you know whether it’s good to use as-is or if a clean up is necessary.

If it indicates a cleaning would be wise, you can utilize the dashboard within NeverBounce to run your list. Or, for more regular use, you can seamlessly integrate Clean into your marketing flow via our API. Keep reading to see how we’ve made this process incredibly fast and accurate in 2023 with machine learning improvements.

If Clean indicates that your list contains a lot of questionable email addresses, it’ll even pull in someone from the NeverBounce team, who will conduct a personal review to ensure you come out on the other end with high-quality contact data.

Use Clean to check lists of thousands or millions of email addresses for accuracySync is a unique automated list cleaner — ideal for email-intensive marketing programs.

All you have to do is use NeverBounce’s robust integration network (more on that next!) to link Sync to your email provider or customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Sync will then run automatically at regular intervals, validating your email lists without manual intervention. This feature promises to save you time by ensuring your lists are always clean and prepared any time you need to send out a message. For our customers with email-heavy marketing and sales programs, Sync is a life saver.

Integrate Sync with email provider or CRM to automatically clean email listsNeverBounce’s Integrate functionality enables marketers to connect to 80+ different platforms.

This impressive level of compatibility means you can conduct the seamless transfer of data across all the customer service platforms and marketing automation tools you already use — including HubSpot, Pipedrive, Zoho, Zapier, Mailchimp, Intercom, Active Campaign, and beyond.

Connect to 80+ customer and marketing platforms to seamlessly share data In addition to these usability upgrades, we’ve tried to make our pricing model even simpler.

Customers have always had access to NeverBounce’s volume discounts, easy-to-use and easy-to-share credit system, and various billing structures — but most recently we’ve also added additional bulk credit buying options to provide greater flexibility no matter how many credits you need to purchase.

Enjoy Superior Email Coverage, Accuracy, & Speed with Machine Learning

While SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is still the gold standard in providing a fast, real-time check of email servers, sometimes it’s unable to return a response.

And anyone who makes use of email validation tooling knows how frustrating it can be to get a non-definitive status on an email you’re checking.

For instances like these, we’ve uniquely combined expert data science, our own innovative machine learning (ML) model that can predict email validation, and ZoomInfo’s deep contact data. All together, these tools enable NeverBounce to significantly reduce the number of unusable statuses, making for a higher level of email accuracy and coverage than ever before.

What does that mean for users?

It means NeverBounce can now provide the most actionable email statuses possible (such as a definitive “valid” or “invalid”) so you can take swift action to keep your lists clean and bounce-free without missing out on what could be conversion-ready contacts.

And not only can you count on NeverBounce for the best in email validation and cleaning, thanks to these recent advancements it’s also faster than ever — promising verification in under a second.

We will continue to add more data points and train the new, impressive ML model behind NeverBounce to keep increasing speed while reducing the number of unactionable email statuses.

NeverBounce's Clean feature can tell you the status of an email list in under a secondContinue to Trust NeverBounce for the Freshest Email Results

One thing that we want to highlight because it actually hasn’t changed despite our expansive updates to the NeverBounce platform is our commitment to our core values. We’ll never let our data get stale and will always provide fast results with human support at a reasonable price.

You’ll continue to get the best results we can provide based on the freshest email data available — just faster and with even more accuracy than before thanks to the hard work of our team this year.

NeverBounce is committed to accuracy, support, speed, and great pricingInterested in seeing all of the upgrades to NeverBounce for yourself?

When you register for NeverBounce you’ll automatically get free credits to start with, so you can try every feature we have to offer to see why businesses of all sizes trust us to clean billions of emails.

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