Keep Customers Engaged With These 4 Types of Content in Email

Keep Customers Engaged With These 4 Types of Content in Email

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No matter what industry you work in, email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to promote your services. That’s because it gives you an opportunity to directly guide new leads through the customer journey. It also helps you maintain brand loyalty among your existing customers.

Of course, an email marketing campaign is only as strong as its content. A lead won’t become a loyal follower of your brand if you don’t supply them with engaging email content that offers genuine value. That’s why it’s important to brush up on the best content for email marketing before planning your next campaign. These days, just using text isn’t enough to captivate a recipient.

Think about ways you can incorporate the following types of email marketing content into your upcoming campaigns. Doing so will help you make a better impression on your subscribers.

Video is a More Engaging Form of Email Content

Content marketers can’t ignore video any longer. According to some, it could account for as much as 80% of web traffic by 2019.

Video makes for engaging email content because it’s more dynamic than blocks of text. You can bring music, stunning visuals, and important information together to create a piece of content that informs and entertains a recipient in a short span of time.

The type of video email marketing content you include will vary depending on what you’re promoting. If you’re promoting an annual event, a video from the previous year can give your followers a better idea of what to expect at the event. If you’re marketing a new app, you may include an informational video that describes how to use it. Consider what type of information you’re trying to convey to a follower, then decide what type of video will help you achieve this goal.

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The Best Content for Email Marketing is Personalized

Strong content won’t do you much good if no one opens your emails to see it. That’s why engaging subject lines are important. Simply including a recipient’s name in a subject line in an email may boost your open rate by as much as 50%.

In fact, personalized email marketing content tends to perform more reliably than general content. Segmenting your email list so that you’re only sending relevant messaging to your followers is another effective means of improving your open rate.

For example, if your company sells apparel, don’t market winter gear to followers who live in tropical climates. Breaking up your list so people receive more personalized offers, announcements, and more is one of the most important email marketing content tips you can learn.

Interactive Email Marketing Content

Content is more engaging when you can interact with it. An email that consists of some basic text and images won’t be as dynamic and interesting as one that lets a recipient participate in the experience.

There are many types of interactive features you can include to develop engaging email marketing content. You can add games to make reading your emails fun; add polls to gather feedback from your customers; design your email like a website, with links and icons readers can click on to learn more about a subject.

Inviting your followers to play an active role in the experience instead of passively receiving your content is a smart way to stand out. Engaging email content is far more successful than an email that simply features walls of text.

GIFs are On the Rise in Email Content

A GIF is a useful alternative to video. While it can’t include as much content as a video, it can demonstrate a product, service, or experience in a compressed format. On top of that, a GIF can autoplay quickly. A reader is more likely to watch the entire GIF than they are to play and watch the entirety of a video.

GIFs add character to your emails, play reliably on mobile devices, and help you break up text sections with fun imagery. That’s why they’re a key tip for email marketing content creation.

Marketers can no longer rely on text alone to impress followers. Although email marketing does yield a strong return on investment, you still need to optimize your content to achieve the best possible results. These are the best email marketing content tips to help you develop a more compelling, engaging, and effective strategy.

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