How to Design Unsubscribe Pages to Draw Customers Back In

How to Design Unsubscribe Pages to Draw Customers Back In

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Monitoring your email campaigns is key to optimizing them. The more you track certain essential email metrics, the more you can learn about improving your efforts in the future.

Your unsubscribe rate is a metric that’s particularly worth paying attention to. If it’s noticeably high (check average rates by industry), you need to adjust your strategy to improve it.

That may mean providing more valuable content or adjusting how often you send emails. However, don’t assume all is lost the moment someone clicks on the unsubscribe link. The best unsubscribe pages can actually re-engage customers. The following points will help you understand how unsubscribe page design can help save customers.

Offer a Gift Before Someone Decides to Unsubscribe from Email

It’s important to first understand that for customers, the process of unsubscribing from your email list should be simple. The best unsubscribe pages don’t trick followers. Instead, they clearly demonstrate how a person can remove their address from your email list.

You don’t want to be pushy or dishonest. This will have a negative impact on customer loyalty in the future.

However, your unsubscribe email message can offer a follower a special gift if they agree to continue subscribing to your email list for a couple of weeks to a month. A person may not unsubscribe from an email list if they clearly benefit from continuing to subscribe.

Optimize Unsubscribe Page Design

Including certain features in your unsubscribe email page will also help you keep followers. For instance, it’s been shown that customers generally respond very well to personalized service. Segmenting email campaigns to ensure followers receive relevant messages also has the effect of boosting open rates.

You can combine both of these principles when designing your unsubscribe from email template. Although it’s still important to make unsubscribing an easy task, you might also provide your followers with the option to choose a segment on your email list they would prefer to be in.

For example, maybe you’re marketing a sports apparel brand. If your unsubscribe page offers segment options so a follower only receives messages about “women’s winter apparel” or “men’s running gear,” it will likely give them a better reason to continue subscribing.

From a design perspective, you want to ensure this feature is displayed clearly in your unsubscribe from email template. Clutter someone’s screen with too much visual information, and they might overlook it.

Let Followers Adjust Email Frequency

Customers often unsubscribe from email lists because they receive far too many messages. You can address this issue by including an option in your unsubscribe email message to adjust how frequently a follower receives your emails. Going out of your way to provide this option will make a good impression on customers, boosting their loyalty as a result.

Make the Unsubscribe Page Fun With the Right Message and Design

You don’t need to take your unsubscribe pages too seriously. In fact, you could re-engage followers simply by having a little fun.

don't unsubscribe... from charity: water on Vimeo.

Consider the example of charity: water. They gave users the option to confirm their unsubscription from the email list or watch a video of the CEO being drenched in water. It’s a simple design idea that can entertain followers and reduce the overall unsubscribe rate.

The main point to remember is that optimizing your unsubscribe email message and page design may actually prevent follower churn. There’s no guarantee every recipient who visits unsubscribe pages will complete the process. Keep these points in mind, and you’ll be more likely to keep them on your list.

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