How To Deliver the Best Event Email Marketing Campaign

How To Deliver the Best Event Email Marketing Campaign

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Are you promoting an upcoming event? If so, event email marketing can help you attract a wider audience. This is particularly true if your brand already has an email newsletter with an existing subscriber base. Using this channel to let your followers know about relevant events can be a very effective means of generating hype.

That said, getting the best results requires understanding how to plan and implement a strong event email campaign. Simply sending a message telling your followers about an upcoming event isn’t enough to maximize your return on investment. To fully achieve your goals, keep these tips in mind.

Finding the Best Subject Lines for Event Emails

The best subject lines for event emails share several traits. First, they’re personalized. Studies show that simply including the recipient’s name in the subject line can dramatically boost open rates.

Next, it includes enough information about the event to pique a reader’s interest. For example, if you’re promoting an event for other marketers, you might consider using a subject line like “[Recipient Name], Learn Everything You Need to Know About Marketing at This Year’s [Event Name]” in your event email template.

It’s important that readers understand you’re promoting an event as soon as they read the subject line. If you don’t have space to include the actual event name, use action words and phrases like “attend” or “register for” to ensure recipients understand that opening the email will lead to more information about an event they may find interesting.

Segment Your Event Email List

It’s worth noting that there are several types of events you may be promoting. Some only exist in the virtual world. These may include webinars or live-streaming events.

However, if you’re promoting an event that takes place in a physical location, odds are good at least some of your followers won’t be able to attend. This is a good reason to segment your list when sending an event email. Doing so ensures that only followers who live fairly close to the venue receive the message. Segmenting your email subscriber list has also been shown to boost open rates.

Plan an Event Email Campaign Sequence

This campaign should consist of several different event email templates. First, there’s the initial invitation. If a follower registers for the event, they should immediately receive a warm thank you email that potentially links to useful resources, like information about lodging or travel options. Finally, you should send periodic reminders as the event approaches to ensure that everyone who registers actually attends.

You might also need to send updates if certain features of the occasion were not confirmed in the early stages of your event email campaign. For example, if you were unsure whether a particular speaker would appear, sending a reminder and update letting potential guests know they are going to be there can make the event more attractive.

Focus on Crafting a Strong Event Email Design Template

It’s worth noting that more people check their email on mobile devices than on computers now. Thus, you should make sure your message looks well-organized on a smartphone before sending it out.

You should also design a standard event email template based on this format that includes certain key features.

First, the event email ought to reflect your brand. This means the tone of your language should be appropriate. For example, if you’re promoting a hip event for younger guests, use conversational language. If you’re marketing a networking event for professionals in a certain industry, use more conservative language.

The visual design of the event email template  also needs to reflect your brand. Use a simple color scheme that’s consistent with your other marketing content. Include graphics when necessary, but don’t overwhelm your reader with too much visual information.

That said, you shouldn’t rely on text alone to convey your message. A video strategy for email can provide your readers with useful information in a dynamic way. This format can be particularly useful if this is an annual or regular event, as you can use video from previous years to show off the kinds of experiences guests can expect to have.

Make sure your message highlights the benefits of attending, and include any relevant information about speakers or performers who will be there. You can make the event email even more appealing by including testimonials from guests who have attended in the past.

As always, test different strategies and monitor their effectiveness to determine the best subject lines for event emails and better understand what does and does not work for you. This is key to any successful marketing campaign. Luckily, by keeping these tips in mind, you’ll be prepared to design an event email campaign that delivers results.

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