How AI Will Change Your Email Marketing Strategy

How AI Will Change Your Email Marketing Strategy

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Effective email marketing is all about taking advantage of useful innovations and technologies. That’s why you should start investigating how email artificial intelligence can enhance your brand’s strategy.

AI tech is extremely useful because it can analyze data much more efficiently than a human. AI in marketing now allows brands to easily learn which elements of an email strategy work, and which need to be adjusted. On the other hand AI firewalls are improving their strategies in blocking unwanted emails, so make sure to clean and verify your email lists before starting email campaigns. As this technology continues to improve, it can positively impact your campaigns in the following ways:

Optimizing Email Subject Lines With Artificial Intelligence

According to a survey from Chadwick Martin Bailey, almost 40 percent of users choose whether or not they’ll open an email solely based on the subject line. Clearly, this is a key element of your messages.

Thanks to machine learning email technologies, you’ll soon be able to determine which subject lines work (and which don’t) with ease. AI can analyze the open rates of your emails, helping you better understand what types of subject lines your customers respond to most often. This removes a tremendous amount of guesswork from the process. As a result, AI email technology can analyze what types of content and copy are most effective.

AI Determines the Best Email Send Times

The subject line isn’t the only factor that influences whether or not a recipient will open an email. It’s also important to send emails at the ideal time of day and week. This is especially clear when you learn that the average American worker spends more than four hours a day checking emails. You need to know what times of day a customer focuses on work-related emails, and what times of day they focus on other messages.

Once you know what that time of day is, automating your campaign so emails are sent at the perfect hour is relatively simple. However, up until now, it hasn’t exactly been easy to find out what that hour is. You need to carefully review your past open rates to yield any beneficial insights, and this can be a time-consuming process.

That’s another reason AI email strategies are successful, and why AI in marketing has become irreplaceable. As with subject lines, artificial intelligence can perform the necessary analysis for you. This doesn’t just ensure you have accurate information; it also frees up your schedule, allowing you to focus on other elements of your campaign.

Allowing for Greater Personalization With AI in Marketing

Personalizing various elements of your emails, from the subject line to the actual content itself, can substantially boost click-through rates.

Some forms of personalization are easy. It’s not too difficult to ensure your subject lines or first lines of text mention the recipient’s name.

However, tailoring a campaign to a specific reader’s interests is more difficult. You can segment your emails lists into different groups, so customers generally receive messages they find relevant, but for the best results, it’s worth using artificial intelligence. AI in marketing allows for an even greater degree of personalization by analyzing the behavior of individual customers, making it easier to determine what types of content they’ll respond to.

Again, as machine learning email technology continues to develop, it will become even more useful to marketers. That doesn’t mean you should wait to take advantage of the benefits of AI. Artificial intelligence email technology is already changing how marketers develop, plan, and execute campaigns. Make sure your brand benefits from it now.

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