Free Marketing Guides for Email and Social Campaigns

Free Marketing Guides for Email and Social Campaigns

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Staying ahead of trends like content marketing, search engine optimization, and email marketing can be tough. This is especially true when every site has something different to say. Marketing guides give business owners like you the chance to learn from the experts with a straightforward, step-by-step plan.

So, instead of scouring the internet for hours, we’ve listed a few of the best free marketing guides right here for you.

Online Marketing Guides


Fix your “leaky online funnel” with Kissmetrics’ “How to Measure and Fix Your ‘Leaky’ Marketing Funnel" guide.


QuickSprout offers a 14-chapter marketing guide titled “The Beginner’s Guide to Online Marketing” (by Neil Patel and Ritika Puri) that’s designed to help every level of marketer. As such, this guide is for everyone from the very experienced to the first-timers.


If you’re more interested in a hands-on approach, Google has an interactive online marketing guide –“Google’s Small Business Online Marketing Guide”. It comes with a “getting started worksheet.”

Email Marketing Guides


Kissmetrics also offers a “Beginner’s Guide to Successful Email Marketing” that’ll teach you how to approach each phase of email marketing. This covers everything from getting started to the day you launch.


If you’re a small business owner, then WhenIWork’s “A 101 Guide to Email Marketing” is for you. It covers the basics and offers some need-to-know practices for getting started with email as an SMB. Especially for small businesses, use an email validation tool to make sure that once you set up your email campaign, you’re reaching inboxes.

Digital Marketer

Digital Marketer has created “The Ultimate Guide to eCommerce Email Marketing”. Included is a three-part plan that walks readers through the eCommerce email marketing process.


Speaking of eCommerce, MageMail has compiled a list of 10 Of The Best Performing Abandoned Cart Emails to help you recover revenue that's being lost by customers abandoning in-progress shopping carts.

Social Media Marketing Guides


Twitter is intriguing, but if you’re unsure how to use it, it can be detrimental for business. Fortunately, Mashable has created a comprehensive “Twitter Guide Book” for novices of this social media platform.

Social Media Examiner

If you’re more of a Facebook person, then Social Media Examiner’s “Facebook 101 for Business: Your Complete Guide” will help you cover all your bases. The guide even includes how to optimize your business page.


For those who are just interested in social media marketing as a whole, Moz released “The Beginner’s Guide to Social Media”. This comprehensive guide is designed to help you learn all the basics of every platform, from Facebook to Twitter.

The internet is teeming with free marketing guides. The hardest part is figuring out which one is the best. This list, however, will get you on track.

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