Now offering FormComplete, powered by ZoomInfo

Now offering FormComplete, powered by ZoomInfo

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Collect More Data with Fewer Form Fields

ZoomInfo FormComplete enables you to get the data you need without asking for it, empowering your sales team by giving them the full picture rather than a research project. When an email address is entered, ZoomInfo FormComplete taps into ZoomInfo’s extensive wealth of B2B business data to fill in all of the missing information your team may need. From phone numbers, to business titles, to organization size, get all of the relevant, accurate data that will help your forms convert. Also, ZoomInfo FormComplete is intutive. Any information that you may require from a lead that is missing in ZoomInfo’s database is dynamically populated as a new required field.

With FormComplete you can:

  • Reduce your number of form fields and increase the chance that site visitors provide their information
  • Verify business emails immediately to prevent against inaccurate or fake submissions
  • Improve targeting and segmentation
  • Score leads by likelihood of conversion
  • Maintain a consistent CRM environment using ZoomInfo’s normalization features
  • Reduce form abandonment rate
  • Match on company IP address
  • Utilize hidden fields to capture deep insights like job function, company revenue, mobile phone number, and more


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Web forms are an incredibly useful way for businesses to acquire leads. Web forms, or lead forms, gather all the necessary contact information about a potential client or user, and they are also easily tracked, offering reliable metrics that are useful for sales and marketing teams. However, it is not uncommon that people make mistakes while filling out a form, purposely leave a portion of information empty, or abandon a form altogether out of inconvenience. For web forms to create the maximum amount of conversions, they have to be shorter, only targeting the information that’s most important to your business, and somehow fool-proof. 

According to Hubspot, the average web form length that generates the highest conversion rate is 5 form fields. Ideally, limiting the number of form fields to only 3 leads to the greatest amount of reduction in form abandonment rates. That said, can 3 fields yield all of the information that your sales team needs to convert a winning prospect? With ZoomInfo FormComplete, you can acquire all of the data you need with just 1 form field. Lengthy, time-consuming forms will never be an issue again.

“When we use ZoomInfo FormComplete internally, we’re able to win at 60% higher rate and gain $5k of average ACV” says Scott Sutton, VP of Sales Operations at ZoomInfo. 27% of people cite form length as a reason for starting, then abandoning a form. Long forms equal high bounce rates, inaccurate field submissions, and low conversion rates. With ZoomInfo FormComplete, you’ll never worry about form length again and your conversion rates will soar. Change the way you capture leads. Get intelligent data with just an email with FormComplete. To see FormComplete in action, attend our webinar on November 13, 2019 or contact a member of our sales team for a demo.

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