How Facebook Messenger and Email Marketing Can Work Together

How Facebook Messenger and Email Marketing Can Work Together

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Email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to keep people interested in your brand. That said, it’s not the only tool marketers have at their disposal. Using email in conjunction with other channels is essential for marketers who wish to achieve their goals.

Facebook messenger marketing is another tactic that can enhance the strength of an email campaign. The following information will help you understand why it should play a role in your marketing efforts.

Facebook Messenger vs. Email Marketing: What You Need to Know

It’s important to understand that using these tools together is crucial. You shouldn’t opt for one over the other. Instead, you should explore how Facebook messenger and email marketing complement each other.

Email is a useful channel for connecting with followers because it allows you to grow and maintain engagement over a long period of time. With email marketing, you can provide updates about an upcoming product or service launch, offer your followers loyalty program rewards, and share content that can help spread brand awareness.

However, there are limitations to email marketing. Studies indicate the average marketing email open rate is usually about 25%. On the other hand, Facebook Messenger promotions boast an average open rate of 80%.

That’s where Facebook Messenger marketing comes in to enhance your email campaign. Instead of looking at it as Facebook Messenger vs. email marketing, think about how the two can work together to improve an overall outreach strategy.

Using Facebook Messenger and Email Marketing Together

You may have an idea for a strong email campaign, but it would deliver a higher return on investment if you had more followers. Through Facebook Messenger marketing integrated with your email strategy, you can reach out to users on the social media platform.

As you provide them with relevant content, persuade them to sign up for your subscriber list. The high open rate of Facebook Messenger means you’ll probably reach a relatively large amount of the users you target.

On the other hand, email can also boost the strength of a Facebook Messenger campaign. Through an email survey, a marketer can learn more about their target audiences’ preferences. They can then use the information gathered from the survey to reach out to potential customers on Facebook. By knowing more about their audience, marketers are better-equipped to identify users who may be interested in their promotions.

Additionally, Facebook Messenger can help funnel users through the customer journey thanks to the interactive nature of the tool. Users can respond to Facebook messages and provide information about their preferences.

Doing so can help marketers design a customer journey that’s tailored to specific subsets of their audience. They can leverage this data to improve email campaigns, or try to funnel the user through the customer journey simply by using Messenger.

These are all key reasons to start using Facebook Messenger marketing to bolster the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts. Again, each marketing channel serves a unique purpose. Don’t think about it as Facebook messenger vs email marketing; use them together, and your campaigns will be much more successful.

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