Dynamic Emails: Re-Energize Your Content Strategy

Dynamic Emails: Re-Energize Your Content Strategy

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Developing an effective email marketing strategy involves taking many factors into account. What’s the demographic makeup of your readers? When is a customer most likely to check their inbox? Is the subject line interesting enough?

A marketer can get so caught up in the little details, they forget one extremely important element: dynamic email content.

There is a lot of potentially distracting material on the internet. That’s one reason why, according to a recent survey, the average person spends a mere 11.1 seconds reading an individual email. You need to ensure your messages can compete with other emails, open tabs, social media alerts, and the various other distractions your customers encounter online.

The best way to reach them is through personalized email marketing that incorporates dynamic content. This allows readers to feel both related to and engaged with your emails.

The following tips will help you start an email marketing campaign incorporating dynamic content. Keep them in mind, and you’ll soon be sending messages that your customers will actually enjoy receiving.

Incorporate Unique Elements into Email Marketing With Dynamic Content

One of the simplest ways to spice up your emails is to incorporate visual elements. In the past, it may have been smart to limit the amount of images and videos featured in your content. Due to technological limitations, you couldn’t be sure all readers would be able to play the videos or see the images.

That’s no longer the case. The vast majority of email clients can handle dynamic visual elements in email, even on mobile devices. Thus, you can use images and video to make your content stand out.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should cram your messages full of bright colors, high-definition images, and short films all of the time. Coordinate with a design expert on your team to ensure your text-to-image ratio in your dynamic emails is pleasing on both desktop and mobile devices. If you don’t have a design expert, perform A/B testing with different subsets of your email list to get a better sense of how to use these visuals effectively.

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Video is a useful piece of dynamic email content because it allows you to convey a large amount of information quickly and in an engaging way. It also allows you to have more control over the amount of time a customer keeps your email open as they watch the video.

That said, video can be expensive to produce, and because you can’t be sure all people who open an email will also play a video embedded in it, you may not want to use this medium to communicate essential information. Again, testing these strategies and experimenting is crucial to determining how to successfully leverage dynamic email content.

The Importance of Personalized Email Marketing

Did you know that simply including your recipient’s name in the subject line of an email can boost open rates by 50%? Segmenting your email lists so customers tend to receive only the messages relevant to their needs and interests has also been shown to drive conversions.

Again, the internet is saturated with content designed to appeal to as many members of a given demographic or target audience as possible. Marketing teams are always learning how to tailor their message to ensure it resonates with a large number of potential customers on a personal level.

Your readers expect content that feels tailored to them individually. That’s why personalized email marketing is so important.

Although including a recipient’s name in the subject line and segmenting your email lists are two smart ways to begin crafting dynamic emails that cater to specific individuals, they aren’t the only steps you can take.

For instance, you may want to investigate how to use technologies like artificial intelligence to enhance your dynamic email content strategy. AI can analyze user behavior, yielding insights that will make it easy to personalize your messages.

You won’t just know when a given user tends to check their email, or what types of subject line elements boost the odds that they’ll open yours. You could also generate large amounts of data about their interests, needs, and lifestyle, with AI helping you identify the most effective types of dynamic email content to send that particular customer.

Why Generating Urgency Through Dynamic Email is Smart

With so much distracting content already online, creating a sense of urgency allows your emails to make a stronger immediate impression. For example, if you want to entice customers to take advantage of a sale, consider including a visually-dynamic countdown clock in the message that lets a reader know how much time they have left to take advantage of a deal.

Urgency yields focus, ensuring a customer pays more attention to your email and less attention to other distractions. When the content within the email is dynamic, then chances are even greater they’ll remain engaged and more interested.

Although all these tips can help you craft dynamic emails, remember to constantly monitor your campaigns. Reviewing analytics, surveying customers, and constantly looking for areas that need improvement are the keys to infusing a lifeless email marketing campaign with dynamic content.

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