Best Ecommerce Email Templates for 2020

Best Ecommerce Email Templates for 2020

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All marketers understand the value of efficiency. The more time you can save designing campaigns, the more time you can devote to other important marketing tasks.

Thus, if you’re planning an ecommerce campaign, consider using specialized ecommerce email templates. Considering these are designed specifically for ecommerce companies and their customers, they can be both an effective and efficient way to get your email campaign off the ground – or optimize an existing one. With these ecommerce marketing templates, you can substantially reduce the amount of time you spend designing individual messages.

The following email campaign examples are particularly worth keeping in mind. Reference them when strategizing your next ecommerce marketing campaign.

Retargeting Email Marketing 

Not all potential customers will finish making a purchase on your site. The web is simply a distracting place; there are many reasons consumers lose focus. Luckily, with basic retargeting ecommerce email templates, you can overcome this obstacle easily and you will no longer be deprived of major revenue.

As the name implies, retargeting emails involve reaching out to customers who have added items to their shopping carts (or otherwise demonstrated interest in a product or service) but haven’t made a purchase. Numerous marketers have found that simply reminding shoppers about purchases they haven’t completed is enough to significantly boost sales and reduce cart abandonment rates.

The template for such an email can be relatively simple and go something like this: Briefly reach out to the customer (use their name in the subject line to improve open rates by as much as 50%) with a greeting. Then, simply remind them of the items they indicated interest in. You should of course include pictures of the items whenever possible.

This type of email marketing for ecommerce may be enough to make a sale. However, if your initial template isn’t delivering results, you can also experiment with making special offers to customers with additional retargeting emails. For instance, if you’re retargeting a loyal customer, you may offer a discount on their purchase.

A Welcome Email Campaign Example

Welcoming new subscribers to your email list is one of the smartest and easiest ways to make a strong early impression. That said, not all welcome emails are equally effective. You need to study email campaign examples to better understand which templates are worth using.

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For instance, in Patagonia’s welcome email, subscribers are welcomed to “the family.” This naturally generates a sense of belonging to an exclusive group. The email then briefly explains what types of content new subscribers can expect to receive. It also provides clear instructions for unsubscribing, and lets recipients know that all emails they receive will contain these instructions.

This may seem counterintuitive. Email marketing for ecommerce requires keeping your followers, right?

True, but it also requires treating them with respect. 

Consumers who unsubscribe from email lists often cite receiving too many emails as their primary reason for doing so. Thus, by demonstrating an understanding of the consumer’s point-of-view, Patagonia’s marketing team gives new subscribers the treatment they feel they deserve. This will boost loyalty.

Transactional Emails for Ecommerce

After welcoming your new subscribers, you’ll need to send frequent messages to keep them engaged with your product or brand. The easiest way to increase touch points with your customers is by sending transactional emails, or emails that are sent automatically in response to certain triggers, such as order and shipping confirmations, billing and invoice emails, and account changes. With well thought out, automated transactional emails, your brand will never stray too far from the inbox or top of mind.

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For instance, Cult Beauty’s order confirmation email not only gives you the details of your transaction, but it also invites you back to its site with three clear goals and calls to action; Cult Beauty encourages data enrichment and helps segmentation by urging buyers to update their preferences and get a discount on their next order, promotes new products by showcasing what’s new on the website, and highlights content marketing efforts by promoting their beauty tips and trends, keeping users on their site and engaged with their brand for longer. This is an ecommerce business concerned with steering customers of different engagement levels to key places on their website with enticing reasons.

Promotional Messages for Ecommerce Marketing

If you’re using email marketing for an ecommerce business, you’ll of course need to occasionally send emails that directly promote the business’ goods and services. You can’t exclusively send engaging content. You can, however, use the right ecommerce email templates to design these messages for maximum effectiveness.

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For instance, brands such as REI keep promotional emails simple. They rely on minimal text with their ecommerce email templates, using a calming but brand-appropriate background image that shows what customers can do with their products (such as hiking), and simply announcing a special offer. The offer is described as a reward for customer loyalty. This is another easy way to make the right impression on your followers.

Of course, success with email marketing for ecommerce doesn’t simply involve using strong templates. You also need to use the right selling tools and experiment with different strategies to determine which yield the most impressive results. That said, these designs and email campaign examples will help you work more efficiently. That makes finding time for other important ecommerce marketing tasks much easier.

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