7 Reasons Your Search Agency Should Also Offer Email Marketing

7 Reasons Your Search Agency Should Also Offer Email Marketing

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A top search agency should strive to help its clients market their own products or services as successfully as possible within the digital realm. That’s why it’s important to offer services beyond simple SEO optimization. By combining the best elements of a search and email marketing agency, your team can attract more business and better serve your existing clients.

To fully understand why your agency should also embrace email marketing in the brand strategy, keep the following points in mind:

Email Marketing Return on Investment Remains High

Your clients want the best possible results at the lowest possible cost. That means you need to offer services that are proven to deliver a strong return on investment.

With email marketing, the average ROI is typically $44 for every dollar spent. You’ll offer tremendous value to your clients by leveraging it effectively, which becomes even easier when partnering with an email marketing agency.

Top Search Agencies Leverage Email Marketing Effectiveness

Your clients have plenty of digital marketing channels through which they can reach potential customers. However, some of these channels are more successful than others.

Email is one of the strongest options in this respect. Studies show it remains effective and popular, even among younger Millennial internet users.

Enhance Other Marketing Campaigns

Most brands will also rely on social media to reach customers. Thanks to email marketing, those campaigns can be more effective than ever when different channels complement one another.

For example, with Facebook’s Custom Audience tool, marketers can target Facebook users who also subscribe to their email list by simply uploading the list to Facebook. Top search agencies are successful for their ability to integrate their brand across platforms and leverage each one for its unique advantages.

Solving the Content Adjacency Problem

Many different types of content are displayed on an average internet user’s screen at any given time. Not all of it will be pleasing to them, however. That results in the content adjacency problem. Marketers simply can’t be certain their ads and content won’t be surrounded by or adjacent to material that makes the wrong impression on customers.

This isn’t an issue with email marketing. When you send an email to a customer, you can be certain that your content is all they’ll see when reading it. This gives top email marketing and search agencies greater control over the experience a customer has with a brand.

Email Marketing Agencies Are Growing

Email is one of the few channels that is clearly growing in popularity among internet users. In 2007, a mere 57% of the British population had email accounts. By 2016, it reached 79%, an upward trend that shows no signs of slowing.

Beyond the high email marketing return on investment, this strategy gives marketers the chance to reach many potential customers via one channel.

Nurture the Customer Journey

SEO optimization can help customers find a brand’s content online. However, that first interaction they have with the brand may not result in a purchase.

That’s where an email marketing agency is important. An email marketing plan gives advertisers the chance to guide the customer through a journey from initial interaction to loyal supporter.

Segment Customer Groups Like Top Search Agencies

Depending on the nature of a business, it’s likely that not all customers will have the same needs. With email marketing, you can easily segment a list into different groups. For many of the top search agencies, they have a subscriber list that supports a segmentation strategy, and also the tools and experience to do so effectively. You can easily do the same. That way, you can make sure each customer sees marketing content that’s relevant to their interests.

The top search agencies don’t limit their services. They constantly look for ways to better serve their clients. As these points illustrate, leveraging email marketing is a simple and effective way to do so. This strategy can help clients solve the problem of content adjacency, and it has proven to be an effective way to build customer relationships and boost return on investment.

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