5 Common Email Marketing Problems and How to Fix Them

5 Common Email Marketing Problems and How to Fix Them

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Email remains one of the most effective channels marketers can use to cultivate relationships with followers. By allowing organizations to stay in contact with customers over a long period of time, email provides brand engagement opportunities that other digital marketing channels simply cannot.

That doesn’t mean all email marketing campaigns are as strong as they can possibly be. If your efforts aren’t delivering the results you want, one (or more) of the following email marketing challenges could be why. Luckily, once you know what types of common email problems you should be aware of, addressing them with a marketing makeover is much easier.

Problems With Email Deliverability

Your email content can’t do much for your brand if subscribers aren’t actually seeing it. That’s why you need to take steps to avoid a high bounce rate.

Bounce rate refers to how often your emails don’t actually reach recipient inboxes. This often happens when you send messages to invalid email addresses. For example, if a subscriber signed up for your mailing list with a work email address, that address may no longer be valid once they leave the company. Unfortunately, if you continue to send emails to invalid addresses, your bounce rate will rise, which could lead to being labeled a spammer. As a result, fewer of your emails will be delivered.

Avoid this problem with your email by verifying the addresses of all your subscribers before sending content. This simple step makes a significant difference.

High Unsubscribe Rates? Time for an Email Marketing Makeover

Are your followers unsubscribing from your list at an alarming rate? This may happen for many different reasons. Surveys reveal people often unsubscribe from email lists if they receive too many emails from an organization, if the emails they receive aren’t relevant to their interests, or if the emails are too promotional, among other reasons.

A smart way to address this email marketing challenge is to segment your list. This prevents you from sending irrelevant content to your subscribers. It also reduces how many emails individual followers receive from you, and can even boost open rates.

Consider surveying your followers as well. Ask them what you’re doing that might give them reason to unsubscribe. Knowing how your followers feel about your tactics is key to making improvements and correcting email marketing problems.

Low Open Rates Indicate a Problem With Your Emails

Again, an email is only valuable if your subscribers read it. If your followers aren’t opening your messages, once again, segmenting your list can help.

Personalizing subject lines is also an effective way to boost open rates and solve this marketing problem. A/B test multiple subject lines, and review your past performance to determine if sending an email at certain times of day (and certain days of the week) has an impact on open rates. Constantly monitoring your performance and testing new strategies will help you better determine what you can do to make your content more appealing to readers.

Address the Email Marketing Challenge of Low Conversion Rates

Even if subscribers open your emails, they may not take any action. Thus, you also need to A/B test multiple CTAs.

For a quick marketing makeover, try different fonts and formatting. Phrase your CTAs differently and test which deliver the strongest results. Format your overall email content in various ways to see if you can make a CTA stand out more clearly. When you constantly experiment and test new strategies, you’re more likely to learn what best address your marketing problems.

Email Subscribe Rate Failing to Gain Momentum

Sometimes attracting subscribers in the first place is one of the greatest email marketing challenges. If so, you may want to review your email sign-up form. Does it include too many steps? Potential followers might not subscribe if they have to spend several minutes providing various pieces of information in order to do so.

Additionally, you might also need to better describe why a person should follow your brand in the first place. Consider describing the benefits of subscribing more thoroughly, or offer leads access to premium content if they subscribe to your list.

The most important point to keep in mind when it comes to common email problems and solutions is that experimenting with different strategies and monitoring your performance is key. Remember, email marketing is still very effective; correcting these problems with email will help you take full advantage of it.

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