10 Examples of Successful Drip Marketing Email Campaigns

10 Examples of Successful Drip Marketing Email Campaigns

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Consumers interact and engage with many different brands over the course of a single day. Thus, as a marketer, one of your key goals should involve making sure leads are exposed to your brand regularly over a long period of time. By repeatedly distributing marketing content to your audience, you can cultivate brand awareness and guide leads down a customer journey. This is the essence of a drip marketing campaign.

There are many channels through which you can implement a drip marketing campaign. However, because email allows you to consistently reach the same audience, it’s among the most effective.

Understanding how to leverage email in this capacity is much easier after you review drip email examples. The following are just a few noteworthy drip marketing email examples that will serve as inspiration when you develop your own campaign.

Drip Campaign Examples to Inspire Your Own

Trello’s ‘12 Ways to Trello’ Drip Marketing Campaign

Image source: https://matchboxdesigngroup.com/blog/7-powerful-email-drip-campaign-examples-to-inspire-you/

An effective drip marketing campaign needs to provide a reader with consistent value, demonstrate the benefits of a product or service (without coming across as too “salesy”), and be relevant enough to attract clicks.

That’s what makes Trello’s ‘“12 Ways to Trello’” drip campaign an example worth studying. By referencing a popular Christmas song, the marketing team behind this campaign associated with the time of year during which the emails were sent, which can yield a strong return-on-investment. The actual emails offered practical advice for using Trello, which was clearly valuable to readers. Consider a similar strategy when designing your own drip marketing campaign.

InsightSquared Converts Cold Sales Leads

Image source: http://blog.persistiq.com/5-step-formula-for-highly-personalized-sales-emails

InsightSquared’s marketing email example demonstrates a unique way (such as in conjunction with a sales demo) to use this method you may not have considered. The brand simply emailed cold sales leads on Mondays with an initial message introducing their product and asking if the recipient was free to schedule a meeting for Wednesday. 

Those who didn’t respond received emails on Tuesday checking again. If they didn’t reply at all, they received an email on Thursday apologizing the meeting didn’t work out, but offering to schedule one at another time. This was shown to increase conversions to a substantial degree.

SkinnyDip’s Marketing Email Example Re-Engages Subscribers

Image source: https://milled.com/skinnydip-london/500-worth-of-skinnydip-hell-yeah-iP-KE4JhE46OozY3

Re-engaging email followers who haven’t visited your site or engaged with your emails in some time is another effective way to design a drip marketing campaign. By checking in on disengaged followers and offering discounts, SkinnyDip re-engaged them consistently. This drip email example proves that a re-engagement strategy can help you retain your followers who might otherwise unsubscribe.

Contently Shares Valuable Information

Image source: https://medium.com/life-at-kayako/how-and-why-i-revamped-the-kayako-newsletter-design-3da062d0df3

Another effective way to boost retention is simple: regularly provide followers with valuable information. Contently does this particularly well with drip campaigns featuring quick links to relevant blog posts. This marketing email example proves that a user-friendly format and quality content can make or break a campaign. By giving followers a reason to continue subscribing, Contently has managed to maintain a strong retention rate.

Qualaroo Onboards Effectively

Image source: https://moosend.com/blog/drip-campaign-examples/

Don’t assume people who follow your email list will immediately understand the full value of your product or services. Sometimes you may need to “onboard” them with a series of emails demonstrating how to use your product. One drip email example that showcases this strategy comes from Qualaroo. Their email guides new followers through specific steps they can take to better understand the product’s potential uses.

HootSuite Generates a Sense of Urgency

Image source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/439945457344560539/?autologin=true

Letting followers know about a temporary offer is another smart way to use drip email marketing. HootSuite, for instance, upsold a premium offer with a series of emails, each featuring a reminder of how much time a recipient had to take advantage of the offer. These regular reminders gave leads more reason to act fast before missing out on a major opportunity.

Yesware’s Drip Email Examples Take Advantages of Current Customers

Image source: https://www.slideshare.net/yesware/referral-drip-campaign

Don’t make the mistake of assuming a subscriber is no longer valuable after they’ve made a purchase. On the contrary, Yesware sends a series of emails to customers a few months after they make purchases asking them to refer Yesware to their family and friends. This drip campaign example represents how you can use this strategy to optimize the value of your email list.

CoSchedule Demonstrates Authority

Image source: https://coschedule.com/blog/how-to-make-an-email-newsletter/

You want leads to perceive your brand as authoritative. Understanding this, the marketing team at CoSchedule designs drip campaigns in which followers regularly receive genuine expert advice. This demonstrates CoSchedule’s authority and generates a sense of trust in the brand.

Google Express Has a Drip Marketing Campaign to Guard Against Cart Abandonment

Image source: https://www.optimonk.com/ecommerce-email-templates-and-real-examples-to-inspire-you/google-express-cart-abandonment-email/

Cart abandonment is another problem that a drip marketing campaign can help solve. Using drip marketing in this way is also fairly simple. Google Express (among many other drip campaign examples) simply sends emails to recipients who haven’t completed orders. They send such emails regularly, ensuring a follower sees them. A single cart abandonment email typically won’t be as effective as an entire drip marketing campaign.

Sweat with Kayla Makes a Strong Sales Pitch

Image source: https://www.growthmanifesto.com/case-study-kayla-itsines/

Sweat with Kayla is an example of a fitness brand that effectively pitches its services by first welcoming new email subscribers, then sending a series of emails focusing on the results others have achieved with the program. This allows Sweat with Kayla to build up naturally to a direct sales pitch.

When reviewing these drip marketing email examples, be sure to keep your goals in mind. The best way to leverage this method will depend on what you’re trying to achieve. While these drip email examples should provide initial inspiration, you may want to make adjustments to design a campaign that serves your specific needs.

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